Successful people want new challenges.

We provide luxury Extreme Long Range Shooting experiences, can you make a 1 Mile Shot?

Hitting a target at 1 mile will be a real accomplishment!

1-Day Long Range Shooting Adventures

private long range shooting experience

private long range shooting adventures
“Achieving milestones with those you love”

Always Private – Always Customized

Whether experienced or novice, we customize every experience to meet YOUR specific Fun and Educational goals with our team of professionals handling all the details.
This allows you to focus on setting a new personal best and enjoying the company of your family or friends!
We supply guns, ammunition, spotting scopes, data sheets, meals, shade and everything else!

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Long Range Shooting Adventure

We are available between June 1 and Sept 15 of each year.

Seize YOUR day while these exclusive slots are still open!

We offer bespoke private extreme long range shooting experiences starting at $7,400

private long range shooting class

Our sister subsidiary, the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience offers a half-day Multi-Gun Shooting Experience that is perfect for the day before your Nomad Rifleman experience!  Starting at $700.

Nomad Rifleman one mile shot

Our comparative advantage

~World class coaching from experienced, friendly and passionate guides

~Catered gourmet meals on the open prairie in safari-style camps

~Shooting locations with greater than 135 degree wide shooting angles

~2,175+ yard shooting range distance

YOUR Mile-Long Shot Adventure awaits!

Our focus is on YOU, not us.  Please reach out today for an easy turn-key solution!
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Would you like to see a sample day’s itinerary?  

Private Long Range Rifle Training

Long range rifle shooting is the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports industry and for good reason.  It requires patience, intellect and is very satisfying.  Having a private instructor that is dedicated to excellence and that can provide unlimited individual attention is crucial. Our coaches are the world’s best teachers.  Our focus is not on being the best and most famous shooters, rather we are dedicated to helping YOU develop your skills efficiently and while having a fun experience.

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We also offer:

Basic Long Range Rifle Training

1-Day Long Range Shooting Experiences

Advanced Long Range & Extreme Long Range Shooting Instruction

Experience the best day of your lives

private long range shooting class

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We would like to hear about your needs, dreams and what will be the perfect private extreme long range shooting adventures for you!

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private long range shooting adventures