Shoot steel targets using our guns, guidance, ammo and gear –

Make a 1 Mile Shot!

Many people want to have unique experiences and achieve successes that few others ever have. We provide the world’s best extreme long range shooting experiences, helping you hit steel targets over a mile away. This is what winning feels like.

private long range shooting class

1 mile shot One mile Shot
Very possibly the best day of his life!

1-day private 1 Mile Shot long distance shooting experience is customized for your small group
World’s best teachers serve as your long range shooting coaches.
Your long range shooting experience is at a safari-style camp in the Wyoming high desert

private long range shooting class

Wyoming 1 mile hit long range shooting experience
This teen judo player from Japan made a 1 mile shot – and HIT!

Most successful people have a couple Rolex watches, fly privately and have a Mercedes or Porche.

Many have a trophy home or two.

Have they made a One Mile Shot?  Probably not. 

You can.

private long range shooting class

  • About 1 hour’s drive from Jackson Hole
  • Arrive at 9am and shoot until 3pm (customizable)
  • Transportation can be arranged
  • Avail June-Sept
  • Catered dutch oven lunch is included
  • Read about us in Forbes.

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