We create new offerings each year and adjust pricing,
so check our our “Services” for updated pricing.

Bespoke Adventure Travel

ELR-1 – Long Range Shooting Experiences

This is our most popular package, and it is great fun. It is perfect for novice and experienced marksmen alike.

  • Ten steel targets from 100 to 2,200 yards (1.25 miles)
  • A private Extreme Long Range coach (Scott or Shepard) to guide you
  • A spotter who also serves as your camp host
  • We will have overhead shade canopies and will provide a picnic lunch
  • We provide the firearms and the initial allotment of ammunition for each shooter:
    • .22 Long Rifle (Up to 50 shots included)
    • Tikka M-595 rifle in .223 Remington caliber (Up to 60 shots included)
    • Customized Remington 700 chambered in .308 Winchester (Up to 120 shots included)
    • Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor (Up to 120 shots included)
    • Mac’s Gunworks Remington 700 chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum (Up to 10 shots included)
    • Remington 700 chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum (Up to 10 shots included)
  • See “Per shot pricing” for optional shots in addition to the included allotment
  • 10am to 3pm (If you are exhausted before 3pm and want to leave early, you may do so)
  • Located just a 75 minute drive from Jackson Hole
  • $$$$ for the first two shooters, $$$$ for each additional shooter – maximum of 4 shooters.  For larger groups, please contact us for a customized quote

ELR-2  A-F

Each year we change our courses of fire. We will have 2023 ELR-2 offerings updated with specific details, including updated pricing, by mid-May when the snowpack melts. The following are the offers we plan to modify (if needed) and solidify by May 15, 2023. These experiences are customizable based on your desires. Some ideas / components to get your juices flowing:

  • A – 1.5 Miles    $10,800 for first 2 people, first 80 shots with a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle and first 60 shots with a .338 Lapua rifle are included; 5 targets from 1 mile to just over 1.5 miles.
  • B – 2 Miles  $22,800 for first 2 people, first 80 shots included with .375 Cheytac rifle; 3 targets at just over 2 miles.
  • C – 2.5 Miles  $29,800 for first 2 people, first 100 shots included with .375 Cheytac rifle; 3 targets at about 2 miles, 1 target at  2.5 miles; a forward spotter will be in a steel bunker near the target.
  • D – 3 Miles    $58,800 for first 2 people, first 80 shots with .375 Cheytac rifle, first 80 shots included with a custom .416 Barrett rifle; 3 targets at about 2 miles, 1 target at about 2.5 miles, 1 target at just over 3 miles; 2 forward spotters.
  • E – One-day attempt to break the world record long range shot, which we set in 2022 at 4.4 miles! Starting at $225,000 for one person. (Based on land availability.) Chance of success is <.01%
  • F – Two-day attempt to set the new world record at 5.5 miles, the farthest that ballisticians say a small arms rifle bullet can travel. Up to 500 shots (250 each day) with a custom .416 Barrett rifle. $1,750,000 for one person. (Based on land availability.) Chance of success is <.000001%. No, really, we mean it. 😊

All inclusive

All of our Long Range Shooting Experiences are turnkey. We provide rifles, instructors, spotters, a portable toilet, shooting platforms, water, snacks and picnic lunches.  You need bring nothing but proper clothing for the weather, and a readiness to have the best day of your life.

Optional add-ons

Depending on your preferences, we can also provide camera systems for targets, thermal imaging for firearm and ammunition temperature control, modern radar equipment for immediate ballistic data gathering, onsite Starlink connectivity, shade, gourmet chefs who prepare meals on site in “the middle of nowhere,” transportation from and to the nearest FBO or helicopter/taildragger bush plane landing location.

*Long Range Shooting Experiences Pricing

*Pricing is based on a number of factors, including opportunity costs, our senior lead Nomad Rifleman coaches Shepard and Scott being old men with aches and pains who must be bribed away from their couches where they were quite comfortably eating bonbons and watching soap opera reruns, specific costs, risks, and overhead expenses, etc. You can certainly find cheaper Long Range Shooting Experiences services! We have been told that we are worth more because we wrote the book on the subject and set the world record in 2022 with a 4.4 mile shot. If you are looking for a budget experience, we are probably not your best option, but if you are looking for great value – we welcome your inquiries. 

Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries
Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries

Extreme Long Range Shooting Experience Camp

Customized Extended Long Range Shooting

Long Range Shooting Experiences

Long Range Shooting Experiences