Our Approach

You deserve the world’s finest private long range shooting instruction and experiences.

What we are NOT:

  • We are not rifle builders that offer training as a sales technique.
  • We do not focus on group classes with 15+ students and 1 or 2 instructors.
  • We do not work to make our offerings “cheap” to increase our student volume.

We choose instead to focus on making sure you have a wonderful time while learning to be an excellent long range shooter.

Our Story

After starting the luxury entertainment shooting experience sector of the shooting instruction market, the next step was to fill a new void.  The world lacked a high-end option for successful professionals to expand their log range shooting skills or to simply have a turn key shooting experience.  Our sister company Jackson Hole Shooting Experience offers luxury entertainment shooting experiences that are rated higher than any other thing to do in Jackson Hole.  We thought, “Why not create an even higher-end offering for private long range shooting experiences?”

Meet the Team

Nomad Rifleman Shepard Humphries

Nomad Rifleman Shepard Humphries

Founder & President

Shepard Humphries leads a small team of the world’s best long range shooting instructors as they consistently provide their guests with experiences demonstrating that they are indeed at the top of the mountain of World Class Long Range Shooting Instructors.

Scott Austin Wyoming Long Range Training

Scott Austin

Co-Founder & V.P.

Scott, an administrator at a successful Christian college, loves sharing his passion for long range shooting with others.  He serves as a Senior Lead Coach with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and is a member of their Executive Leadership Team and the JHXG.

steve marsteller

Steve Marstellar

Steve, a successful construction contractor, is an experienced long range shooter, hunter and firearms trainer.  He is a senior lead coach with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience.

Next Steps…

Are you ready to begin or continue your journey to one mile?  Are you ready to shoot steel targets at long ranges and learn about ballistics, gear selection and more?.

Contact us today to secure your 2019 appointment slot or to learn more about World Class Long Range Shooting Instructors.  See our other unique experiences offered by our parent company, the Jackson Hole Experience Group (JHXG) HERE!


World Class Long Range Shooting Instructors