Can a novice shooter shoot 1 to 3 miles?

by Shepard Humphries, August 2020

Can a novice shooter shoot 1 to 3 miles? Yes.

Expert shooters have honed their skills over thousands of shots, and with much study and experimentation. A novice shooter will not be able to learn a lifetime of knowledge or gain the “been there done that” experience that can only be obtained by putting in the time. In our short time on this rock, we humans will not have time to master everything we are interested in, even if we live to be 100 years old.

Enter extreme adventure experiences with expert guides. Don’t want to spend 10 years in the military flying fighter jets? Spend $5,000 for a 30-minute flight with an experienced pilot that guides you. Don’t want to spend 250 days a year improving your climbing skills? Hire a guide service complete with Sherpas to help you summit Mount Everest. We decided that it was time to make extreme long range shooting available to those with little time.

Extreme Long Range Shooting Experience Camp
Nomad Rifleman 2-mile camp

Is time important to you? Does every hour need to count? We respect that disciplined people allocate their investments of time to achieve the greatest results in terms of fun, wealth, memory-building, relaxation and achieving personal bests. Whether your goal is to join the one-mile club, the two-mile club, the three-mile club or to set a new world record; we are excited to provide you with a turn-key solution.

Extreme Long Range Shooting Experience Camp
Mobile 2.54 mile camp location

We are not cheap. As of the writing of this article, we are the only precision rifle experience outfitter in the world offering shots at 1.25 miles and beyond. Others will see our success and will soon start ELR Experience firms, and we will offer advice to them as they grow, just as we have with those who have copied our Jackson Hole Shooting Experience. Most of these firms will be much cheaper, and they will be a good fit for the average person with a tight budget. Our focus is on remaining the world’s best extended ELR shooting experience. With a one-mile shot option under $9k up to $25k+ options at three miles, we enjoy serving friendly, down-to-earth discriminating clientele.

What gear and experience do we require that you bring? Nothing. Simply touch down at the nearby FBO, arrive at the ranch within 30 minutes, and start shooting. Either my partner and co-founder Scott Austin or I will lead your experience. Our Senior Lead, Lead and Assistant instructors, along with our optional forward spotters, camera spotters, camp host and drone operators compliment your experience, making it seamless for you. At the end of the afternoon, a 30-minute drive back to the FBO, and you are wheels up and off to your next adventure.

Do we guarantee that you will hit the targets? No. About 95% of our clients achieve hits at our one-mile target. More than 75% have success at our 1.25 mile (2,200 yard) target, and the hit probability becomes more challenging at 1.5 miles, 2.12 miles, 2.54 miles and 3.06 miles. For some clients, achieving the milestone is of the greatest importance, but for most, spending time with those they love enjoying a new, challenging and exciting journey is the real joy. We provide you with the best instructors in the world, great gear and we hope that weather conditions are kind to us.

 What is the booking process? We make it easy for you. While we have very limited availability on short notice, we once were able to make an experience happen just 5 days from booking. Typically, booking many months in advance provides you with the best probability of getting the exact day that you prefer. When you contact us, please specify:

  1. Preferred date and if you have flexibility
  2. Number of people in your party
  3. Which package you would like (LR-1, ELR-2 or ELR-3)
  4. Special requests

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We are not a transportation provider, however we have had good success with A Black Car Service. or we can recommend several local rental services that offer high ground clearance vehicles.

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