Link to 2024 long range shooting experiences HERE.

All of the following are offerings from past years.


2021 & 2022 ELR-2 Customized Extended ELR Shooting Experiences

Your Customized Extended ELR Shooting Experiences can include many unique options:

    • Include aspects of our ELR-1 package can be included in our customized extended ELR shooting experiences
    • Attempt hits at TWO-MILES with our .375 CheyTac!
    • Attempt hits at 2.5 and 3 miles with our .375 CheyTac!
    • The current Wyoming state record shot is 3.06 miles, do you want to try to break it?
    • ATV rentals/tours with Nomad Rifleman style “steel hunting”
    • Catered gourmet meals
    • In the high desert of Wyoming near Jackson Hole or other western states
    • Customized packages begin at:
      • $9,500 plus ammo for a half-day local (Wyoming) Extended Long Range Shooting Experience to 2 miles, 2nd shooter $3,500 plus ammo
      • $15,900 for a full six-hour day that includes the ELR-1 Experience.
      • $16,500 and up gets shot attempts at 2.5 miles and beyond.

Link to 2024 long range shooting experiences HERE.

Away from Jackson Hole

We enjoy traveling to provide custom long range shooting experiences, finding new places to shoot, setting up temporary ranges and helping our guests achieve new distances.

Our pricing is variable, however I will use an example to give you an idea. Client’s request:

“I live in Palo Alto and want to be able to do the experience in 1 day including flight time, achieving a 1 mile hit.”

Initial pre-event planning

      • Shepard or Scott doing research about potential places to shoot in California, Nevada, Utah or Idaho, legal issues etc. This includes reaching out to a network of contacts, making calls, seeing who knows a local rancher with an appropriate property.  (The great news about this request is that places to shoot one mile are much more abundant than further distances.)
      • We locate the nearest FBO and assist in finding ground transportation.
      • We make reservations for ATV rentals or purchase ATV’s as needed.
      • We travel to the location, scout the area for target and shooting locations and perform other logistical tasks. In this example we would not need to purchase new guns, scopes or other gear.

Pre-Event planning

      • A few days before the event, our staff begins arriving at the shooting location.
      • We erect targets, set up wind flags, create a source of shade and do other general preparation.
      • We make final arrangements and back-up plans

Event: We greet our guests and help our friend from Palo Alto and his friend achieve hits at 1.25 miles. Over 90% of our 1-mile experiences result in successful hits, beyond that distance things become VERY challenging, especially if the ground is damp and misses are difficult to spot. We never guarantee hits, however we give general probabilities of success. Whether or not our clients hit the target, our events are fun and challenging!

This example event would cost our Palo Alto client between $30k and $270k, all inclusive.

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Link to 2024 long range shooting experiences HERE.

Customized Extended ELR Shooting Experiences

Our ELR-2 Extreme Long Range Experiences are led by Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries, two of the world’s best extreme long range shooting instructors. Their book on Extreme Long Range Shooting was released in late 2021. A Booking Guru team, staff instructors, spotters, catering professionals and other partners help make this experience compete for the best day of your life.