Extreme Long Range Shooting Experience

We are happy to discuss details of our offerings with you on the phone or via email.  To make things easy for you, we invite you to learn more about our high-end shooting experiences below.

Cancellation Policy?

  • Because our high-end shooting experiences are customized specifically for you, we require a 50% deposit upon reservation.
  • ELR-1 deposits are 100% refundable if you cancel more than 45 days before your event.
  • ELR-2 deposits are 100% refundable if you cancel more than 45 days before your event.

May Non-US residents participate?

Yes, ITAR regulations require that we do not provide “military training” to non-US residents. Our firm only provides sporting/recreational training, so you are not prohibited from enjoying our experiences.  (We reserve the right to decline your training request in the event the hair stands up on the back of our necks because we fear that training you might land us in Abu Ghraib.) 

Why are your prices much higher than others in your industry?

We provide excellence.  All of our high end shooting experiences are customized and private. Guests who have enjoyed recreational shooting sports with us describe our pricing as “expensive and worth every penny.”  We wrote the book on Extreme Long Range shooting and set the world record in 2022 with a 4.4 mile shot. We are happy to offer suggestions for “Fair & Good” long range training classes offered by other firms that are typically much cheaper.  Most of them provide decent training and are very cheap.

Are your Extreme Long Range Shooting experiences available year-round?

Generally, no.  Our primary long range shooting locations near Jackson Hole, Wyoming become inaccessible sometime between September 15 and October 15, then typically become available again when the snow melts in May.  We do provide mobile shooting experiences in other states: please contact us with your specific desires and we will see if we can make it happen!

What kind of guns will we be shooting in our ELR-1?

You will begin with a .22LR, which is a small caliber rifle.  This allows us to work on position and technique.  After learning the basics out to 250 yards, we move up to a Tikka M-595 .223 Sporter Rifle and shoot out to 1,000 yards.  Then we move up to a .308 Remington 700 with a custom trigger, stock and barrel and shoot out to over 1,250 yards.  Next is a Ruger Precision Rifle with a Vortex Razor scope, shooting at targets all the way out to over 1 mile!  We also have a .300 Win Mag and a 7mm Rem Mag for reaching out to over 2,200 yards.  As with our sister company the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, we are always adding and changing rifles, optics and other gear.  We promise that you will love your one mile long range shooting experience with us!

Some of our clients choose to bring their own guns, ammo and gear, and others enjoy our turn-key offering in which we provide everything needed! This takes 5% off the price.


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