Going for the World Record 2021

Extraordinarily successful people seek new frontiers to challenge. We are offering an opportunity more rare than climbing Mount Everest or even walking on the moon. The current world record for a long range rifle shot is 4 miles by James DeVoglaer. We are assembling all of the “parts and pieces” for an attempt at breaking the world record.

Along with the high return in terms of personal satisfaction and bragging rights of setting a world record extended extreme long range shot comes high risk. As a matter of fact, our chances of success are small. The below experience is for an “attempt” and we do not guarantee success.

Working Version of Details (Everything subject to change)

We are excited to have components for a new customized rifle on order. We are building what we think will be the world’s best Extended ELR rifle. If everything comes together, we should have the rifle ready for our our guests to shoot by July 2021.

We are investing a lot of money in one-of-a-kind custom gear. We are investing many hours into preparation. We want to set a record, we are clearly invested in making this happen. Last year we made an arrangement similar to this offering with a client for a long shot with our .375 Cheytac. Our client was successful in becoming the third person in human history to hit a target at over three miles, also setting the Wyoming State record long range shot.

Would you like to be the “shooter” on our team? Some risks that we want you to be completely aware of:

  • You might schedule an Attempt Day, but we are rained out and you lose your deposit.
  • It might take ten Attempt Days until a bullet connects with the target or it might happen the first day.
  • We might completely fail and never even get a bullet to land near the target.
  • A new quarantine order could occur the morning of the shoot.
  • The rifle might break after your first shot.
  • Your skills might hinder your success.
  • A 60 MPH gust of wind might take our shade canopy away.

Our chances are truly low. Isn’t it exciting though to be on the cutting edge?

Our behind-the-scenes timeframe:

  • April 1-3 – Three-Day Scout/Prep. Shepard and Scott traveled to Douglas, Wyoming to do a site check of two ranches. They found several great sites and even better ranchers!
  • March 30 – Barrel should arrive at Tacomhq to be structured (Arrived April 5)
  • March 30 – Chassis, trigger& action should be shipped to Scott & Shepard
  • April 10 – Scott sends order for ladder test to Ammo maker
  • April 30 – Barrel should be shipped to Scott & Shepard (As soon as Tacomhq structures it … This is our biggest variable in getting things done, we are hopeful that it will be done soon!) Also should receive Delta TARAC.
  • May 15 – S&S gunsmith should have the rife completed, including a custom milled “many hundred MOA” base.
  • May 16 – Ladder test will have arrived, rifle ready & Scott tests. Scott then orders 300 rounds.
  • June 1 – 300 rounds arrive. Scott and Shepard test the rifle and begin working up DOPE within 2 hours of Jackson Hole.
  • June 5 – Scott figures out Murphy’s law issues, Scott and Shepard test the rifle and begin working up DOPE within 2 hours of Jackson Hole.
  • June 15-18 – 3-Day Prep Trip. Scott and Shepard take the rifle to Douglas, Wyoming and begin testing at 4+ miles.
  • July 20 – Kinks in our perfectly-laid plan are worked out and we are ready for you
  • July 16-18 – 3-Day Prep Trip. If needed, Shepard and Scott return to Douglas for more testing.
  • July 20 – Who are we kidding, things are not likely to go THAT smoothly. We very much hope to be ready for sure by July 20, however there are many factors beyond our control.
  • August 1 – Provided no parts or pieces of our process have broken down, we are ready for clients between August 1 and August 14.
  • Several coaches will arrive a couple days before your scheduled experience to do setup and other prep work for your Attempt Day.
  • August 15th – Approximate date ranch becomes unavailable for 2021.

Attempt Day

  • Day before you arrive at a ranch about 60 miles from Douglas Wyoming & enjoy a steak dinner and get to sleep early.
  • Day of – We will meet you at the lodge at 530am.
  • Your safari-style camp might have a pop-up shade canopy, but dress for open skies of direct sun. Morning might be 45* F and midday 105*F.  A brown-bag lunch is provided and a rustic camp-style portable toilet is nearby.
  • We supply a custom ELR rifle for your use, and 150 rounds of ammunition is included.
  • We will have numerous spotters available at the shooting location.
  • We will have a forward spotter near the target.
  • We will have a camera operator at a midway point to handle the target camera technology.
  • We will have a traffic monitor at the private roadway to ensure safety.
  • We will have a target placed at over 4.1 miles.
  • We will provide you with instruction and guidance as you shoot.
  • We will supply all needed equipment.

If you hit the target, we will mark your location as well as the target location. We will hire a licensed surveyor to measure the distance, “making it official.”

Pricing & terms

The price for each Attempt Day (up to 150 shots/day) is $44k/person. At the time of booking, you may add a second Attempt Day for the following day for $29k/person.

Want to have even more fun gambling on your luck and skill? Shoot your attempt for only $34k/person.

    • If you get a hit, you will pay us an additional $33k/person. We all have a “big win.”
    • Don’t achieve a hit? We have helped you have an incredible day and we cover most of our costs.

A $20k non-refundable deposit is due at time of making the reservation.

The nonrefundable balance is due 45 days prior to the event.

Gratuities are not expected but are appreciated.

*These deposits are not transferable if you have a personal emergency, a previously good weather forecast changes to rain within 3 days of the event, an “act of God” or if your plans change.

*Deposits ARE transferable to other Nomad Rifleman products if we have to cancel or raincheck for any reason that is our fault.

*Know that if the ground is damp or if the wind is ridiculous, we might not even see a single impact. You are paying for an attempt day, and there is not a weather exception to our refund policy. Late July, August and September are typically quite dry, … “but nature.”

*Those of you who are familiar with our reputation know that we we provide extraordinary service. If it rains the morning of the shoot, we will have other rifles available and will make sure you have an incredible day of shooting.