Investments in Extreme Long Range Shooting

Thank you for your time with us. It has truly been our privilege to come alongside you and invest as much knowledge as we are able to, to make you an exponentially better shot as well as possibly fulfilling one of your once-in-a-lifetime bucket list item-“bragging rights””.

We hope you were able to see that even though we are a for-profit business, our passion for the extended long range shooting sport is not just “business” to us. We truly love what we do and get a thrill out of watching our valued guests learn and grow in their pursuit of the sport.

That being said, we have been hugely blessed to have many guests become “family” to us, giving valued advice and reciprocating on the investment. Some have even gone so far as to donate shooting accessories and funds to make sure that others can truly experience this rare gem of a sport. Some of our guests become friends and ask, “ proofreading online thesis template for high school best website to solve homework write my paper thanksgiving essay topics viagra online cheapest environmental persuasive essay topics go to link source url follow url how to stay awake all night doing homework see best resume writing services chicago enter the country of pointed firs essay generic viagra (sildenafil) 100 mg how to write a college argumentative essay journalism thesis proposal follow link order viagra online forum see url see enter site buy paper shredder thesis statement with outline sample writing an e mail resume does viagra work better under the tongue sertraline and viagra assignment writing services How may we help?”

First of all, thank you for your offer to help further our program. Shepard, Scott & Lynn have spent many years growing Nomad Rifleman, refusing to go into debt and bootstrapping our way to success. We now have a wonderful selection of rifles, optics and other gear. What are some improvements we hope to acquire over the upcoming 1 to 5 years?

  • A truck for hauling our gear around the western US. $45k – $75k.
  • A used four-seater UTV is about $20k
  • Custom ELR rifles from $5k to $25k
  • A custom trailer that better serves our need, including a toilet. 🙂 $15k to $50k
  • Used ATV’s capable of our needs are about $7,500 each, four of them for our use, and client’s use would be nice.
  • Optics at $3,500+ each.
  • An upgraded Charlie Tarac device $2,500.
  • More suppressors at an average of $1,200 each.
  • Bipods at $500 each.

Again, we appreciate your business and expect nothing further from you. If you want to further help us achieve our mission, we would be very grateful for any of the above. We always stick to our published pricing, as we have learned that non-specified trades and lead to disappointment. (If you are planing on one of our $45k experiences next year, please do not donate $20k this year and hope for a freebie next year. 😉 ) Exactly this has not happened, but we want to be clear, “business is business” and any gifts are not applied as “credit.”

Shepard Humphries

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