Long Range Shooting Experience By Invitation Only 8-18-18

1-Day Long Range Shooting Experience

Coach & Client Appreciation Day 2018

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long range shooting experience

Enjoy a casual version of our 1-Day Extreme Long Range Shooting Experience with a group of other long range shooting enthusiasts!  We are limiting this experience to only a small number of shooters, and Scott Austin, Steve Marsteller and Shepard Humphries will be available to offer advice, spotting assistance, encouragement and jeers.

This 8-18-18 event is available by invitation only.  For those of you that have enjoyed our long range rifle shooting experiences in the past, helped serve as advisors in our business, spread the word of our offerings, referred many fun people to our other experiences or otherwise become our “favorite friends” we are excited to offer a version of our normally $7,400 private long range rifle day to you!

1 Day Long Range Shooting Details

  • August 18, 2018 is a Saturday.
  • We will meet near Pinedale Wyoming at 9am sharp.  (Location provided via email)
  • You will need a vehicle with high clearance to drive over the rough ranch road.  (SUV/Pickup)
  • Lunch, water and snacks will be provided.
  • Afternoon winds frequently vary by the milisecond from 8MPH to 30MPH.
  • Subject to available space, bring a recommended and approved friend for $2,800.
  • Either bring your guns & gear, and if you would like to use some of ours, help yourself!
  • We will be taking photos for promotional purposes.
  • The ranch location requires that we lead you in, so once we finish our 9am entry, we will all stay until 3pm.  There is a portable toilet on site.

We enjoyed a similar day focused on VIPs including our Senior Lead Coaches this spring.  A big thanks to G.B. for the drone footage, and for shooting long range with us since 2011!

Since you are seeing this page, we bet that you have Shepard’s personal email address.  Please RSVP as soon as possible, we look forward to shooting with the first handful of our friends that commit to attending!!

In the event that you are not an invited guests and have stumbled upon this page, we would love to create a similar event for you!  Contact us today to start designing your perfect day!