Mark’s One Mile Shot!

Your day of fun in Jackson Hole will begin at 12:45pm on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

Elizabeth at Rolls Royce has arranged for you to be picked up at the JAC airport at 12:45.  She, and your driver Leyton, will drive directly to the ranch entrance about 90 minutes from the airport near Daniel Wyoming.  (There is NOT a restroom on site during our “closed” season from Sept 15 and June 1, so please plan accordingly 😉 )

An instructor will be ready at 220PM and will meet you at the highway near the ranch entrance.  You will get into our SUV and travel about 2 miles back to the shooting location.

You, Elizabeth and perhaps Leyton will shoot long range rifles until 4pm, learning about exterior ballistics and trying for a 1 mile shot in a 90 minute version of our typically 6-hour Nomad Rifleman experience.  On what is sure to be a cold & windy autumn afternoon, we shall see what happens!  Meanwhile, you will enjoy snacking on our chef’s freshly prepared appetizers.  With some great instruction, low winds and good fortune, you just might make a 1 mile shot … that hits!

The weather is expected to be quite cold … and it is possible we could be snowed out.  Let’s stay in good contact!

You will then return to Jackson for more fun with Rolls Royce!  (We do need to have an ending time no later than 4pm sharp, so please do come directly from the airport to the ranch so that we can get the most shooting time possible!)

Long Range Shooting Experience

long range shooting experience

We are limiting this experience to just Mark, Elizabeth and perhaps Leyton, and Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries will be available to provide guns and gear, offer advice, spotting assistance, encouragement and jeers.  We are excited to offer you this version of our normally $7,400 private long range rifle experience day!

1 Day Long Range Shooting Details

  • Oct, 11 2018 is a Thursday.
  • Shepard will meet you at the ranch entrance near Daniel Junction Wyoming at 11am.  (Location provided to Elizabeth via email)
  • Drinks & snacks will be provided.
  • Afternoon winds frequently vary by the second from 5MPH to 30MPH.
  • Please dress for the weather, which is likely to be between 20*F and 35*F, with likely rain, snow or clear skies.
  • There is a NOT a toilet on site after Sept 15th

In the event that you are not an invited guests and have stumbled upon this page, we would love to create a similar event for you!  Contact us today to start designing your perfect day!

View to the left (East) of downrange


Shot looking East from hilltop above camp, camp at far left


Shooter’s view looking downrange