Mile-Long Shot Adventure

This exclusive offering is designed to help busy people achieve success in a rapidly growing recreational activity; long range shooting.  The Mile-Long Shot Adventure by Nomad Rifleman accepts clients that value their time highly and demand efficiency in their recreational activities, just as in their businesses.

Mile-Long Shot Adventure

“We could get most people on target at a mile in less than 20 minutes” said Founder Shepard Humphries.  Instead, Humphries designs one-day private long range shooting experiences to find a balance between a 20 minute hit and 3 days of “being a number” in a large group class at a traditional long range shooting school.  The pace of the day allows clients to relax for the day, while also maximizing time to not only achieve a one mile shot, but to also understand the fundamentals of why the success occurred.

“Our clients are busy and we respect their valuable time” said Humphries.  Some guests fly in for the day to a nearby FBO while others spend a weekend in nearby Jackson Hole where their significant other enjoys other activities at one of the areas 5 Star resorts.  The shooting ranch entrance gate is just over an hour from Jackson Hole, so Mile-Long Shot Adventure guests are able be leave their resort at 8am and be back by 4pm in time to boast, clean up and make their dinner reservation at one of Jackson Hole’s fine dining establishments, where it is likely more boasting will occur.

The Long Range Shooting Ranch

The ranch is simply beautiful.  Many long range shooting ranges have a shooting lane that is only 100 yards wide.  The ranch used by Nomad Rifleman in Wyoming is more than half a mile wide between the 1240 target on the right and the 1,825 yard target on the left.  This allows challenges in different wind conditions.  Each year, targets are moved and more are added, creating a challenging and entertaining long range shooting experience.  Twenty-five miles to the East the Wind River Mountain range juts up from the high desert floor.

Nomad Rifleman Wind River Shooting Range
Painting by Michele Jenkinson

A Fun and Challenging day of long range shooting in Wyoming

Our long range shooting catering guru

Turn key long range shooting solutions

Our guests could buy their own guns, mount their own scopes, buy and bring other gear, develop friendships and relationships with Wyoming ranchers and make land use agreements and then design and build many targets and specialty frames.  They could purchase a flatbed trailer, design a new floor and an overhead awning system and develop a way to stabilize this mobile shooting platform.  They could buy or rent an ATV and spend hundreds of hours preparing the shooting areas by removing sagebrush, testing line of sight and ensuring safety.  Our clients could arrange for their own catering service, bring in other “Top 5 Long Range Shooting Instructors” and develop their own pacing for the day.

Nomad Rifleman is proud to handle these and many other unseen behind-the-scenes tasks in order to present a flawless and fun turnkey long range shooting experience.

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