Pricing Reasoning

A number of people have asked why we are so expensive. It is only fair to explain a bit about our pricing reasoning.

Nomad Rifleman is operated by Scott Austin and me (Shepard Humphries.) My wife Lynn Sherwood is the CEO/CFO who also manages the booking process and personnel management.

We do our long range shooting as a 2-person (minimum) team for several reasons.

  • We both have unique perspectives to offer, and sometimes one of us spots an impact that the other misses
  • Two people are required to set up targets and the shooting area. One reason is that our electronic flashing hit indicators have to be properly aimed at the shooter’s location. This requires me to do the adjustments from the target location while Scott is on a 2-way radio making sure it is angled correctly.
  • We begin setup as the sun comes up in preparation for your arrival 4 hours later. If only one person was doing setup, we would not be able to set up the hit indicators, and much more time would be required, perhaps starting setup in the dark at 2am or 3am, which we don’t do.

Opportunity costs

What are we NOT doing because we are spending a day with you shooting long range? Our business could have us assigned to our popular Multi-Gun experiences, grossing up to $7,000 without the early setup or late takedown.

We are professionals

Between prepping our mobile cargo trailer, emailing our client and our Booking Guru team, collecting guns, suppressors and other gear, driving from our homes, arriving at about 530am, leaving at about 6pm, returning home, cleaning and putting gear away etc, we spend well over a combined 30 hours on your experience. If we were “top 1000” attorneys in the US, we would bill $500-ish per hour. If we were “top-1,000 CPAs,” we would bill perhaps $400-ish per hour. If we were meter maids or janitors, we would bill $25 per hour. If we were flipping burgers as our first job, we would bill $16/hr.

  • We have a combined 55+ years of long range shooting experience.
  • We wrote the book on Extreme Long Range shooting.
  • We set the world record.
  • We have taught thousands of students

I don’t know how much hourly value you ought to ascribe to Scott and me. i don’t know what value you should ascribe to additional spotters.

Nomad Rifleman and Jackson Hole Shooting Experience are proudly “for-profit” businesses. We rent office space, have salaried management and other overhead costs.

Can’t we keep it simple and just meet you at the ranch and spot for fun? Some long range schools give 3 days for only $1,200 in tuition. ($400 a day)

  • Motel 6 versus Four Seasons. Know what I mean? I bet you will get a clean, comfortable room at either Motel 6 or 4S. Other schools can be good, we suggest researching the reviews of the particular instructors that you will have. We are not the only good instructors and spotters in the world! 🙂
  • We offer shooting instruction for a living. and have had some success. We have a passion for long range shooting and have found a way to make a living helping others enjoy it. Just as you would not ask a Pulitzer prize winning photographer to attend your daughter’s wedding “just for fun” and take pictures for free or for $150, so we are also not looking to spend hundreds of days not earning incomes spotting for nice people. (Well, OK, once our piggy banks have enough to retire, we just might do that! 🙂 )
  • Over 75,000 people each year buy at least one Rolex watch. A day with us costs about the same. Some people see the value, and 7 billion people each day do NOT see the value.

If you want to keep it VERY simple for us, let us know. If you are willing to do all of the following, and we will give you a customized quote for one or both of us driving our trucks to your shooting location and spotting:

  1. You find a shooting location, we have discovered that this takes a lot of time)
  2. You purchase an ATV for setting up targets
  3. You purchase targets
  4. You weld the target hangers to have the small pipe that holds the fiberglass pole for the wind socks.
  5. You purchase and erect wind flags prior to our arrival
  6. You buy the spotting scopes, Kestrel, rifles, and other gear.
  7. You provide your own cement shooting bench or a prone mat that ensures that the sagebrush at ground level ahead of you won’t block the view of the target.
  8. You provide and set up an overhead shade system for the day
  9. You do load testing to find a load that works well with your rifle, and you either load up the rounds you need or hire a custom cartridge maker to do that.
Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries
Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries

We hope that you recognize and appreciate all that goes into our offerings, and that you place a similar or higher value on it. We also appreciate that we are not right for everyone, and that there are certainly many cheap options available elsewhere for some level of long range shooting training. Please let us know how we can best serve you. -Shepard Humphries