See 2024 Nomad Rifleman offerings HERE!

Precision Long Range Shooting Adventure
Perfect for novice & experienced shooters

See 2024 Nomad Rifleman offerings HERE!

ELR Shooting Experience Pricing for Summer 2021 & 2022

*Our pricing fluctuates based on various market conditions, the following is a good guide for our ELR Shooting Experience.

ELR-1 Extreme Long Range (ELR) (1.25 miles)

  • Distances to 2,200 yards (1.25 miles). Starting at $8,200 for up to two people. Open this link for a full description

2021 ELR-1 Extreme Long Range Precision Shooting Experience

ELR-2 Extended Long Range (ELR) (2 to 3 miles)

Distances to over two miles! Starting at $9,500 plus shots. Open this link for more information.

ELR-2 Customized Extended ELR Shooting Experiences

Multi-Day ELR Shooting Experience in Jackson Hole

Our shooting instruction at a Public Gun Range in Jackson Hole with targets out to 600 yards is available at a much lower price point.  Some shooters enjoy a day in Jackson Hole learning basics, and then the following day on the Extreme Long Range Ranch camp shooting targets out to over 3,696 yards with our ELR-2 Nomad Rifleman Experiences.  All experiences are customized.

ELR Shooting Experience Pricing, Luxury Adventure Travel

*For standard Wyoming 1-day events, a 50% deposit is required at time of booking and is fully refundable up to 31 days before your experience, except as discussed in writing otherwise.  We will charge your credit card on file the remaining 50% if you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled experience. For customized events outside of our area, other deposits will be arranged. 

Special Projects

-By the day starting at $3k per person for 6 to 12 hour days, including homebased prep, full day applies to travel.

Eg, Scott and Shepard drive to SLC. $6k The following day they test shooting at dry lakebed. $6k The following day they drive home. $6k. This project would be $18k, plus misc expenses, transportation, lodging and meals.

-By the hour starting at $300 for Scott & Shepard, $150 for support staff.

We look forward to serving you with excellence and exceeding your expectations.

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ELR Shooting Experience Pricing FAQ’s

Q: How much will my “shot cost” pricing be?

A: Some students prefer a slow pace and only shoot 40 shots all day, some prefer a faster pace and have fired 300 shots by noon. Some want to join the One Mile Club, and leave early. Because we have one shooter on the firing line at a time, having four shooters will not result in four times more shots being fired. Some of our packages include ammo costs in them.


Q. Why do Patek Philippe Watches, Rolls Royces, shooting experiences with Shepard and Scott and customized Blohm and Voss yachts cost so much?

A. These luxuries are of great quality, and are limited in availability. Cheaper watches, cars, experiences and airplanes are available.


Q. I still don’t understand why your prices are higher than other places?

We appreciate your interest, and while our pricing structure is proprietary, these ideas might help:

1) Distribution of overhead expenses. We only offer a limited number of experiences each year. As with the Airbus A380, our overhead costs are spread out among fewer clients than lower-end options.

2) Opportunity costs. To provide top-shelf services, which is our promise, we have two excellent coaches at a minimum for our experiences. These coaches could make more money for our business by working other projects, and so our base prices must make it “worth it” for them to focus on you instead.

3) Our “unseen costs” are much higher than you might imagine.

4) Respectfully; it is what it is, and we hope you will see the value of our services. Our clients view us as excellent, and good is not good enough for them. Nomad Rifleman’s demand for excellence is not for everyone, and there are many cheap options available elsewhere, and you will certainly have a good time elsewhere with good instructors.

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Weather Cancellation Policy

Because we have business overhead costs and do a lot of behind-the-scenes work long before you arrive, we have contemplated a fair weather cancellation policy. In long range shooting, the spotter’s ability to see misses is necessary for success. If the ground is damp or covered in snow, seeing this bullet splash is not possible. We are fortunate to have very dry weather in Wyoming, however sometimes it does rain or snow and we have to cancel your ELR experience. If we need to cancel the event due to a low probability of success based on expected weather conditions, we will offer you the options of;

  1. Shooting anyway at the regular price, date and time, knowing that we might as well be shooting blanks
  2. $2,500 of your initial deposit will be applied toward our sunk costs, and we will apply the remainder of your 50% (non-refundable) deposit to a future date within 1 year.

We are not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you as a result of such cancellation.

If you have any concerns about this weather cancellation policy or would like to negotiate otherwise, we welcome a discussion prior to booking confirmation.