Private Long Range Shooting in Wyoming – June 2, 2018

This event has passed, we look forward to chatting with you to book YOUR long range shooting in Wyoming!

Private Long Range Shooting in Wyoming

June 2nd, 2018 9am to 3pm – Group Event – Soft Opening

Invitation Only  – Additional guests $3,000 each

Message from Shepard Humphries 5-28-18:

Good morning S.A., D.B., H.H., B.H., M.B., A.M., A.M., G.B., N.M., M.G. & D.B.,

I am excited about Saturday, June 2, 2018!  My return to Wyoming has been delayed however I plan to be back to Jackson on Friday!  We are on!  🙂

Our June 2nd agenda is to meet at our secret location near Pinedale Wyoming at 9am.  Coach Scott or I will lead you down the highway a quarter mile, then through the ranch gates and across a couple miles of ranch to our shooting location.  The road goes right across the primary shooting range, so we will make a single trip in.  (If you are not able to make it to the pullout on time, please shoot a text message to me, and at about 1030am we can shut the range down so that I can go out to the highway to meet you and lead you in.)

The road is a rough ranch road, an SUV will do better than a Prius or Lamborghini … for those of you that bring a Priuslambo, you can carpool with someone from the pullout to the shooting area.

We will have umbrellas for shade, food and some guns & ammo if you don’t bring yours, or want to use ours.  🙂  We will have shooting mats, drinks, snacks, spotting scopes etc… feel free to bring a camping chair to sit on.  We will have a camping toilet for your seated needs.

We will make the firing line HOT and just plink the day away, spotting for each other, challenging ourselves all the way out to the 1,780 target!  There will be about a dozen targets, some as close as 600 yards.

Around 1130 or noon we will fire up the grille for burgers or steaks or whatever meat Mike chooses to bring for the 10-12 of us.  I also plan to have a Dutch oven going with some sort of meat food fit for carnivores.  Bill is bringing a propane camp-stove.  I will have plates, bowls, eating utensils etc…

We could use:

  1. If you have a spotting scope, please bring it!
  2. Tony, will you please bring the red .223 from the range & 500 rounds of ammo for it?  Will you please also bring our three spotting scopes?
  3. The ranch is beside BLM land, so if anyone wants to bring an ATV, feel free.

We will keep right on shooting until we are exhausted and proclaim that a mile is too short and easy, and that we really need to stretch out further.  🙂

Private Long Range Shooting in Wyoming


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