Is Nomad Rifleman a gun maker or equipment retailer?

No.  We do not build or sell rifles or any other equipment.  Our exclusive focus is providing luxury extreme long range and extended ELR shooting experiences.  We are completely unbiased by any factors except personal preference based on product performance.  We discuss the good and the bad of the gear we use.


Long range shooting experience
Some of our 2018 offerings …

How does Nomad Rifleman select their gear?

As with any business, we seek the best bang for our buck.  We do not pay $3500 for a scope for our .223 rifle.  Various manufacturers see value in getting their gear in the hands of our clients.  We accept all donations, however our Senior Lead Instructors select their favorite gear from our armory for their client’s to use.

What are Nomad Rifleman client demographics?

  • Shooters are predominantly male
  • Shooters are predominantly affluent (Our average 1-day experience is over $10k)
  • Most shooters are new to long range shooting

Promotional Opportunities for Long Range Gear

While we have been teaching long range for many years, we have now formalized our offering under the new Nomad Rifleman brand.  In 2018 we had a “soft opening” with 3 paid groups and 2 groups for VIP advisors.  Using this information we have improved our systems and perfected our offerings.  Anticipated volume in 2021 is 15 to 30 events, with each event being an average of 2 people.  Clearly, our demographics are very narrow and targeted.

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Why do companies promote their products through Nomad Rifleman?

Unbiased Integrity.  Our coaches are NOT biased and do not have any “deals” to promote any products.  Instructors like good gear, and if they like something, they will use it and talk about it.  Nomad Rifleman instructors work with clients for a minimum of 6 hours, and all instruction is done on a private level.  Our instructors are Influencers, and at the conclusion of our sessions, our clients remain in contact for shooting and gear recommendations.  What the client uses to achieve personal bests makes a strong impression that is probable to influence later purchase decisions.  Our clients can either achieve their first One Mile Hit with an Acme Rifle with an Acme scope, or with a Your Company rifle and Your Company scope.  A proud father can look through an Acme spotting scope or through Your Company spotting scope to see his son make a hit.  Coach Scott loves his Vortex Razor scope, and recommends it to his clients.  Clients love the 7mm Rem Mag that was made by Chuck of Mac’s Gunworks.

Private Long Range Rifle Nomad Rifleman, Promotional Opportunities for Long Range Gear

What structure does Nomad Rifleman use to acquire gear?

We accept free gear through our FFL, Jackson Hole Shooting, LLC

We accept loaner gear for our May through October season in Wyoming.  We require that firearms are in a safe condition, however demo guns that are “used” and in good condition are accepted.  We handle routine maintenance and we treat guns with respect, however if a client drops your $25k rifle and breaks it, we are not financially responsible for repairs.  We pay to return ship to you at the end of the season, or can store the gun for the following season.

We accept heavily discounted gear if we need it and plan to buy it anyway.  A 30% or 40% discount off of MSRP prices does not interest us much, we can buy through our wholesale account.  For example, offering us 30% off an 800 yard range-finder is not of interest.  We don’t need a short-range rangefinder, and 30% is more than wholesale costs.  On the other hand, if you have a $12k rifle chambered in .416 Barrett that you will sell to us for $2500, we would be interested in chatting.

Please contact us for more information about our Promotional Opportunities for Long Range Gear.