Semi-Private Basic Long Range Rifle Shooting Theory

June 8, 2019  9am to 12pm  Location in Jackson Hole, WY provided upon registration.

This class is a community class sponsored by Central Wyoming College

Semi Private Basic Long Range Rifle Theory  – CWC / $90

Most people who own rifles with scopes do not deeply understand MOA adjustments or other details of ballistics and long range shooting.  

Our Nomad Rifleman senior lead instructor will help you learn about long range rifle scope adjustments, ballistics and shooting basics. This will allow you to quickly and easily sight in your rifles and understand the ballistics of shooting out to 500 yards!   

Now you will be able to help your friends with their rifles and scopes as well!

To register by phone, please contact Central Wyoming College at (307) 733-7425 .

To register on-line and pay a fee to EventBrite, please click HERE.

Central Wyoming College Jackson

*Max of 4 students (If this class does not work for your schedule, we do provide private training as well.