Jackson Hole ELR Experience Pricing

  • $7,400 for the first shooter about 90 minute from Jackson Hole. 1 mile + distances.
  • $2,400 for each additional shooter – maximum of 4 shooters.  For larger groups, please contact us for a customized quote.
  • Available June to Sept

Outside of Jackson Hole ELR

We enjoy traveling for ELR (Extreme Long Range), finding new places to shoot, setting up temporary ranges and helping our guests achieve new distances. This pricing is variable, however I will use an example to give you an idea of expenses.

“I live in Palo Alto and want to be able to do the experience in 1 day including flight time, achieving a 1 mile hit.”

Initial pre-event planning: Shepard or Scott will do research about potential places to shoot in California, Nevada or Idaho, legal issues etc. This includes reaching out to a network of contacts, making calls, seeing who knows a local rancher with an appropriate property.  (The great news about this request is that places to shoot one mile are much more abundant than further distances.) We locate the nearest FBO and assist in finding ground transportation. We make reservations for rentals or purchase ATV’s as needed. In this example we would not need to purchase new guns, scopes or other gear.

Pre-Event planning: A few days before the event, our staff begins arriving at the location. We erect targets, set up wind flags, create a source of shade and do other general preparation.

Event: We greet our guests and help our friend from Palo Alto and his friend achieve hits at 1.25 miles. Over 90% of our 1-mile experiences result in successful hits, beyond that things become VERY challenging. We never guarantee hits, however we give general probabilities of success. Whether or not our clients hit the target, our events are fun and challenging!

This sample event would cost our Palo Alto client between $30k and $90k, all inclusive.

Multi-Day Long Range Shooting in Jackson Hole

Our shooting instruction at a Public Gun Range in Jackson Hole with targets out to 600 yards is available at a much lower price point.  Some shooters enjoy a day in Jackson Hole learning basics, and then the following day on the Long Range Ranch camp shooting targets out to over 2,175 yards with our Nomad Rifleman Experience.  All experiences are customized.

Sample Pricing:

  • $1,300 + ammo expenses for 6 hours in Jackson Hole for up to 2 shooters (600 yard range) … or …
  • $9,800 (ammo & lunch included) for 6 hours at our safari style Long Range Shooting Ranch camp for 2 shooters (2,175 yards).

*For standard Wyoming 1-day events, a 50% deposit is required at time of booking and is fully refundable up to 31 days before your experience.  We will charge your credit card on file the remaining 50% if you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled experience. For customized events outside of our area, other deposits will be arranged. 

We look forward to serving you with excellence and exceeding your expectations.

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