Desert Long Range Shooting Fun!

What do we do for fun when we are not instructing?

While we are not allowed to take clients out shooting on federal land as part of our business without going through an onerous application and permitting process, Scott and I enjoy taking trips to the wide open spaces of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho to enjoy extreme long range shooting fun!

We drive or fly in to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix or smaller regional airfields, rent Jeeps or UTV’s, pack a lunch and bring a few steel targets.  We find a remote safe place, set up targets, roll out our shooting mats, grab our rifles and spotting scopes and start shooting at distances from 300 yards out to 1.5+ miles.  Sometimes we pack up our gear and drive another 2 or 20 miles, set up and shoot, then move on in true nomadic fashion.  Each place we set up and shoot offers new challenges in terms of wind direction and speed, terrain features etc.  Sometimes a friend or relative will join us for the day and sometimes it is just the two of us honing our skills.

Of the 7 billion folks in the world, very few have the chance to enjoy this recreational activity.  Some don’t have the ability to travel to the US “West.”  Others lack the passion for long range shooting, others don’t have the gear or time to learn all of the behind the scenes tricks.  Scott and I feel very grateful and fortunate for the opportunity to pursue our passion, both on-duty and off-duty!

We want to thank our loyal clients that share this passion for nomad rifleman recreational shooting.  Thank you for doing business with us!  Without your friendship and financial assistance we would not be able to pursue our extreme long range shooting fun, thank you!!!!

Long range shooting fun