Trijicon Ventus LIDAR Wind Reader

Trijicon Ventus LIDAR Wind Reader

Our client-turned-friend Phil Rogers of Optical Air Data Systems (OADS) has developed some very interesting technology and formed a joint venture with Trijicon called WindPro Technologies.  Phil and the Trijicon team have worked together to develop this technology into a hand-held LIDAR wind reader called the Trijicon Ventus.  This device, due to be released in late 2020, is likely to a real game-changer.  Wind is the toughest variable to read, and this device is a great first step.

See interview with Phil HERE.

Powered by WindPro™ Technology, the Trijicon Ventus™ LIDAR wind reader will help provide three dimensional data to improve mid and long-range shooting accuracy. The Ventus™ is designed with a Doppler LIDAR engine that can measure horizontal components, headwind, crosswind, tailwind, and vertical wind components at six different distances between the shooter and the target, especially in lousy weather.  

The Trijicon Ventus LIDAR Wind Reader reads dust particles at 6 distances between the shooter and 500 yards, sends that data to their proprietary ballistic calculator, which will be released at the same time as the Ventus and Ventus X.  Other devices like Kestrels can only know the wind at the shooter’s location, however this device promises to read wind out to 500 yards and distance to 5,000 yards!

Trijicon Ventus Wind Reader

This tool will be released in two options, one is the Ventus, which has basic functionality, however does not have the ballistic software that extreme long range shooters will want.  The Ventus X will have the ballistic app.  The price difference will be about $500, which is not  a huge deal when considering an $8,000 tool.

When Phil first told me that he was partnering with Trijicon, I was unsure.  At Shot Show Industry Day a few years ago, I visited the Trijicon shooting bay and tested several of their “long range” scopes.  I thought that the price was not right for the quality.  I did not expect greatness though, because what is Trijicon’s specialty?

It is common knowledge that Trijicon provides top-notch optical tools for military & law enforcement.  Others in the military industrial complex can hardly compete, though in the special forces world, some operators prefer Aimpoint.  Otherwise, the Trijicon ACOG is definitely the “go to” “red dot” carbine sighting system.

My 10-minute taste test at Shot Show did not impress me with their attempt at the long range scope market.  Nothing they had was better than a mid-range Vortex like this one.  It seemed strange to me that a red dot combat optics company was trying to enter the long range game.  Go to any extreme long range match and ask shooters what they like, and less than 2% would say, “Trijicon.”

When I considered that the primary user would be hunters, mid range and long range shooters, I was even more unconvinced.  Trijicon is for government combat employees, not hunters, right?  Ask a bunch of hunters what their favorite optics are, they less than 2% will say, “Trijicon.”  The well-heeled will say, “Swarovski!”

As this product has developed, and I have come to better understand the Trijicon team’s dedication to cool new ideas and technologies, I am becoming persuaded.  Here at Nomad Rifleman, we stand ready to investigate new methods, products and knowledge.  As the old man answered when asked if he would die for his beliefs, “Hell no, I might be wrong.”  I think Trijicon just might pull this one off.

If the Trijicon Ventus X delivers as expected, we can think of it as a multi-tool that replaces many others.

  • Want a 9x monocular?  Check.
  • Want to know pressure, elevation & temperature?  Check.
  • Want a laser range finder that REALLY measures really long distances and inputs the data to your smart phone?  Check.
  • Want a locations geo-location app , essentially a GPS unit that can help you track your way to the target?  Check.
  • Want a Kestrel wind reader, except one that measures at 6 different out to 500 yards?  Check.
  • Want a device that can also press out a double espresso?  Nope.

Trijicon® Ballistics Calculator App

  • Apple and Android Compatible
  • Seamless Bluetooth Integration with Ventus™ X
  • See Wind Map Overlay of Readings
  • Provides Ballistic Solution on Trijicon reticle with the App
  • Save Up to 1,000 data readings within the App

Trijicon® Ballistics Calculator App

Until it is released, we still recommend the Sig Kilo rangefinder (under $500) or the Vectronix Safran Terrapin if you have a few bucks, a Garmin GPS and a Kestrel 5700, check them out below for pricing.

By the way, if you have hit a one mile target and are eligible, why not join the ?  If you have not yet achieved this “milestone” we welcome you to come shoot with us at Nomad Rifleman.  We enjoy helping our guests, like Phil Rogers, make one mile hits in the high Wyoming desert!

We hope to have a prototype of the Trijicon Ventus as part of our Nomad Rifleman gear by summer 2020, so if you are not sure about buying one yet, come give it a try!  More information HERE.  A bit of trivia – the Trijicon Ventus was named after one of the Greek gods of wind.  WIKI 

Long Range shooting Wind reader
Trijicon Ventus – Long Range shooting wind reader