Where Can I Shoot 1 Mile?

Are you wondering, “Where Can I Shoot 1 Mile?”

Where Can I Shoot 1 Mile?

First, do you have your own guns, scopes and other gear and advanced knowledge of ballistics?  Want to know, “Where Can I Shoot 1 Mile?”

If YES, please see section II below!

If you would like to shoot one mile, and do NOT have all of your own gear, or if you lack the knowledge to make it happen, Nomad Rifleman is excited to help you accomplish your first one mile hits with our long range shooting experience in Wyoming!  Contact Us for more information!

Where Can I Shoot 1 Mile?  Section II

Ranges with 1,000 yards or greater distances.  You will need to have your own firearms, ammunition, knowledge, skills and long range shooting gear.  Do you want to earn one of your own custom stickers​ by joining the One Mile Club?

custom stickers​
One Club custom stickers from StickerMule

1000 Yards – Bismark-Mandan Rifle & Pistol Association
13839 262 St. SE
Moffit, North Dakota Directions 

1,760 yards Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex
Sportsman Trail
Great Falls, Montana 59405

2,500 Yards Parma Rod & Gun Club Inc.
1420 Boehm Lane
Parma, Idaho 83660

More coming soon…


Another great place to shoot is on government lands.  In most places, shooting on National Forest is permissible, just follow their rules of being safe, not shooting over roads or water, and be reasonable.

Shooting on BLM land is great, there is plenty of space, and this is my favorite land to enjoy!

I use OnXmaps to make sure I am keeping everything legal!